Individual and Team plank competition

Individuals and teams compete to win high spots on the leaderboard of this Plankathon Championship

  • Each team is of 10 people; and companies can send multiple teams.
  • Smaller teams (less than 10) can combine to become a team of 10 or compete individually
  • Large teams will have an opportunity to compete as a full team of up to 60 people. These teams are required to bring their own mats/pads etc.

Our technology supporting this event will have the ability to time the team even when individual members plank at different times

  • For a single organization, the best 10 timings will count
  • Our Technology will automatically form the group with best timings for each company

Top 3 teams AND Top 3 individuals will get special Awards & Citations

All participants get certificates and food coupons (plus T-Shirt and Medals as per their registration)

Date : Jan 19th, 2019

Time : 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Venue : Gachibowli stadium, Hyderabad

To form a team Click Here