Greetings from CYKUL and Welcome to the wonderful world of cycling!

Thank you for your interest in the Cycle Rental Programs. Here is the information you have requested for rental cycles.

# Cycle Category Rental Fees (Per Cycle) Number of Cycles
121 gear cycle500
2Single speed Mach City Cycle300
3Kross ( K-10, K-30, K-40)300
4Ladies Cycle300
5Kids cycle300


  • Due to immense demand, some categories of cycle may require a short waiting period, before they can be rented.
  • The cycle is expected to be used with care and caution and the maintenance responsibility is with the renter during the rental period.
  • Barring any normal wear and tear (Punctures, e.g.), any additional damages to cycles will incur charges and these charges will be deducted out of the deposit money and the remainder of the deposit will be refunded.
  • Cycles will not be rented out without the guarantee that riders have/use helmets; if required, helmets will be provided.


    Every customer has to show the code sent to them during pic up & drop of the cycle to take back the refundable amount / documents.

    Payment (Rental + Deposit) must be made at the point of collection of the bike. Should you plan to extend the rental period, the same needs to be pre-approved before the expiry of the return-date.

    We hope you will enjoy the ride and take on to cycling as a means for health and wellness, environment friendly lifestyle, healthy commute, family recreation or whatever may be your objective in pursuing cycling. If there is any way we can help you, further your interest in cycling, please free to call / mail us.