Republic Ride – 2019

Important Instructions for the Relay Edition

Map download :Click Here

Welcome Relay Riders!

As you know, “relay” has been the most popular segment at the Republic Ride over the many past years. Every edition is over-hauled, based on the previous user feedback – and we try to evolve and enhance the user experience as we progress. This time too, we have introduced some new additions to our relay format, so we encourage you to read this short note and be familiar with the format and the changes.

What’s New in Relay format?
  • LifeCykul App: Download & Install from the link: Download & Install from the link
    • This App is the single most important tool in your kit, be it for real time help during the ride, time-stamps, mechanical & medical support, access to food and beverages, navigation/route map, live-tracking, e-certificate etc.
    • As a Republic Rider, you have been given free access to this App for the whole month of January. Please use this app to record your ride, and there-by capture the times for individual and team effort and also to secure the ranking on the leaderboard.
  • Dedicated lane:
    • 5 KMs of right most lane will be blocked for the Republic Riders.
    • Riders who are doing 10 x 10KM relay should take U – turn at 5KM check point. (End of the ISB Road, before ORR under Bridge.)
    • Enjoy dance/music/entertainment at the stadium whether you are waiting for your relay turn or have finished the turn.
  • Centralized/ common switch over point:
    • Gachibowli Stadium is the switch over point for all relay formats.
    • Breakfast / Brunch will be provided at the Stadium. Avail multiple food options using LifeCykul App.
    • Riders who are doing 5 X 20KM relay should take U – turn at 10KM check point. (Just after Kokapet hill, Shankarpally road)
  • Enhanced support points :
    • The Relay Segment will have additional water points (every 2-3KMs.) to help with the hydration requirement of riders.
  • Dance/Music/Entertainment at Gachibowli Stadium (Switch-over area) :
    • Work-hard & play hard. Keep your energetic participation going beyond the pedaling -- take part in the celebrations enlivened with energetic dance & music around the main stage area.
  • Quality food experience: :
    • Relay Riders’ registration includes a fulsome snack-box. Additional Food-Stalls will be available for those who would like to purchase supplementary food.