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We at LifeCykul want you to play like a pro. We will get you the crucial data you need about your performance, connect you and your games to your network, put you on structured & systematic sports platforms, which until recently, were available only to the elite sports-persons – and – most importantly, will help you take your sporting ang gaming experience to a whole new level!

LifeCykul is a SportsTech firm bringing out innovative products and services for the benefit of sports enthusiasts. Individuals use our products to enhance their sporting experiences and to make the most of their sports communities. Organizations use our products to increase employee engagement, team-productivity, & health & wellness. For more information, write to


SpFy Timeline

SpFy - pronounced "Spiffy" - is your sports and fitness activity timeline to stay connected with all sporty things happening around you and within your network. Draw and infuse positive energy to stay active through exciting features like Shab#, Comments, Advice, and Flags.

Try it today - you will be pleasantly surprised what a great inspiration you and your athletic network is, for each other.

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